My sessions are tailored to suit each individual needs for all genders, ages and experience. What I am most concerned about is to create a connection with the true intention of Love and Healing. 


I want you to understand how powerful your mind and body really is.


Every day, I strive to both educate and heal my clients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives.


This session is based on mutual light sensual touching that will enable you to relax, connect and be fully present in the moment.

Massage is not included.

Perfect for those who feel stressed and emotionally drained, feeling an overall lack of emotional connection with themselves and their partners.

Lingam/ Yoni massage may or may not be included, your choice.


To start the session an open heart conversation to get us acquainted with each other.

I will paint you a scene, a story, a whole new perspective about sex and connection to body and mind, all this is intuitive guidance I receive to help you reach higher horizons on what love, sex and intimacy mean to you., and how that translates into the body.


Learn to connect to your own body and your sexual energy, learn to quench your desires by surrendering, allowing, becoming softer and more caring, more present in my presence.

I will be your mirror.

This is an indescribable living experience and you will learn only as you let your body take over and trust its intelligence.

Let your mind's judgement fade away, there is no right or wrong action you can take, only the thought of taking the action taints your ability to be in the moment.


Live your desires in full and discover there is nothing you can desire more than what you already have. 



Individual 2hrs £290 / 3hrs £390

Couples 2hrs £390  / 3hrs 490

"There is nothing to give, there is nothing to get. Everything is absolutely it is. There is no need for any give and take. You are absolutely perfect as you are." 

This Tantric experience has some interactive elements of the Soul Journey session plus adding a deeper sexual Taoist bodywork to help you achieve a better sex life and feel more confident.


The massage will intercalate between deep and light strokes and will become increasingly more sensual, and finally, the body to body massage will bring you right down to the body to fully experience the sensual skin to skin healing.


Perfect for those who feel stressed so need a more deep release of tension from the body.


Lingam/ Yoni massage so you can experience techniques of sexual empowerment to improve sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, either yourself or to help your partner. 


Learn breathing techniques, Taoist methods to physically control ejaculation so your mind and body can reach new levels of ecstatic pleasure. 


Learn ancient Chinese secrets of how to consciously cultivate your sexual energy to heal yourself and have more energy to live an exciting busy life and gain mind prowess. 

The Taoists believe sexual energy is life energy and by learning how to cultivate the sexual energy can we find the fountain of youth.


Individual 2hrs £290 / 3hrs £390

Couples 2hrs £390  / 3hrs 490

"Sex, a function that is generally unavoidable, must be made into a source of happiness, not pain. Happiness is healing, joy, and longevity; correct sex yields infinite happiness. Pain is incurable disease, depression, and death; incorrect sex yields infinite pain. Correct sex spreads happiness among individuals, their progeny, and society. Incorrect sex—sex used as a weapon against others, as a license for promiscuity, or as an immoral profit generator—causes social decay. Taoist Sexology—sex taught and practiced in accordance with the principles of Taoism—paves a pathway of righteousness."

The lack of Intimacy with ourselves and others close to us can cause to lower our self-esteem and prevent us from enjoying all that life has to offer us.


If you are thinking of taking the first step in this journey I am here to walk alongside you, guide and inspire you.


I honour and hold you.


This is a package deal for those who already had a first session with me and that feel to continue the journey on with me.



All aspects of this therapy pack can be discussed in person or on the phone.

SEVEN LEVELS of intimacy package:

3 sessions 2hrs £250 each 

5 sessions 2hrs £200 each  for a couple pls ask. 

"Relationships keep us honest. They provide the mirrors necessary to see and know ourselves. Isolated and alone, we can convince ourselves of all sorts of crazy things, but other people keep it real for us by drawing us out of our own imaginary worlds. They don't allow us to deceive ourselves. Other people keep us honest. Relationships help to move us out of our illusions and into reality."

ONLINE Consultations   1st is free   1hr £70

Through the years seeing clients I have always offered my full support on the phone to those who cannot come to see me in person but need advice on issues like premature ejaculation, low libido, porn addictions, numbness in sex, erection problems etc.

I give lots of practical advice you can follow and gain amazing health benefits.

My advice includes Nutrition, diet plan, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and spices, other healing therapies may be suggested as a support to the healing journey. 


I will educate you in the Taoist practices for sexual/ chi life energy cultivation. 


Love making tips and enlightening tabus! 


Intuitive guidance and Intimacy coaching

on subjects like Authentic-self or Self-Love, Sex, Relationships.

This is a process of Trust and Bond 

After the first consultation (Free)  

I will initiate a series of mental/ metaphysical exercises to shift your perspective on issues that you feel are blocking or hindering you.

We will work these through:
Breathing techniques, Guided Meditation, Relax and Talk, Open heart healing,

Inner-child healing, Shadow-work,

Authentic self-Empowerment.

As we form a trust and bond, my facilitation will become less and less active to give way to the intuitive healing but most of all emotional support. 

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Amanda Santos

Your Intuitive Healer

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