Couples Retreats

My insightfully crafted retreat for couples are private.

For 1 couple or a group of friends up to 3 couples can share this soul bonding experience

in a fully immersed weekend or you can extend up to 7 days stay.

Locations are England, Portugal, Morocco, Martinique.

“A man should learn, therefore, to touch the woman he loves in such a way that he transmits to her a vivid electric current that thrills her with delightful feeling.

The woman becomes strong, proud, confident, logical - displaying the finer masculine - while the man becomes gentle, considerate, compassionate.”  

The Karezza Method by J. William Lloyd 

Soul Bonding Weekend Retreat  

A unique approach to intimacy coaching, you will be guided on a self transformative sensual journey to dissolve any emotional blocks that may still need to let go in order for you to become your authentic self, discover you are inherently loved and fully appreciated.


The Body is key so we work with Body to overcome Mind and connect to Higher Spirit. 



This is a weekend couples will learn to heal and connect to each others body-mind-soul


Day 1 



Taoist Chi kung sexual energy exercises:

Designed for you to take home and practice these life enhancing skills.

I promise to educate you in the most simple, easy way to understand it. So you can easily practice the exercises on your own, or in the future even teach it to your friends!





Playing sensual games: 

Based on my creative Taoist Yin Yang dynamics of passive/active.

This is the part where couples will learn in a fun way how comfortable they are with playing with these energies  it will be sensory experience to heighten your connection to your most deepest instinct, bring out the wild beast inside of you man or woman we all have it! 

Open yourself to be a child again, increasing your level of joy, desire follows surely, it's a wonderful magical time! 



Dinner - Show & Party 


Tantric/ Taoist  Ritual Dance Healing Massage -Demonstration for all!!!!!


Ecstatic Dance Party

Express yourself though creatively moving your body, dance, look into each other eyes, feel the music, laugh  uncontrollably and  let go of all the stress and worry , let the insecure, the awkward, the unworthy part of yourself go, let them all go!! 

Embrace your fear to be vulnerable you will be surprised of how amazing you really are, shine your light, be alive! Feel amazing with your body, magnetically charged with your loved one.



Day 2 



Open heart meditation and Trauma healing breath-work 

This meditation is key to identifying your core issues for yourself, the trauma from past memories learned and forgiven and the behaviour patterns created how they play out in your relationships, find your own awareness as I guide you in this voyage to the centre of your heart, cease to resist and finally by accepting it consciously,  the body can, through abdominal breathing exercises, release these emotions stored in your body, connect to your pain body with a strong intention that  truly turns metal into gold, manifesting whatever you wish to have in your life, true love and connectivity!



Talk : 

Learn about your "couple dynamics" who is more Yin or more Yang? If you are both functioning in Alpha then something has got to give, only then can the conflicting energy be balanced. 

Become aware of how are you affecting the other or being influenced in your relationship. When we become conscious of these energies within, we can finally balance our polar opposites of masculine/feminine, active/passive, positive/negative, we become like two batteries charging each other continuously creating an electric circuit. 




+ 2 hr Intimacy talk session where you can communicate your needs together in an open safe way. 

+ Body bliss Session 3/4 hrs with me as your muse and sexual healer, it’s a free flowing experience of magnetic touch, sensual massage and a bathing ritual.


++Food and drink will be served morning till night

+++ Accomodation type private villa with full amenities and ensuite rooms 

++++ Extra activities can be arranged for extended stays 

+++++ Close to nature, beach, mountains, desert.


Prices are variable depending on the date, the country chosen, length of stay and how many participants.

The minimum price per couple £1790 with accomodation for 2 nights,   


*Flights and airport transfers not included 

*Accepting all currencies through bank transfer 

Booking request 
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