Who I Am and What I Do


My name is Amanda Santos I am in my early 40’s Portuguese 

I came to live in England when I was 20 years old, it has been a lifetime since then I became a mother... a wife ... a single mother and despite all odds I can consider myself very privileged person as I have found my mission in life, and I have found the bliss of being liberated from my own false beliefs imprinted by religion, the feeling of shame and guilt that directed how I lived my life.

My work is not like any job, for me its a way of living my devoted care and service to humankind where I can gladly offer an experience that can heighten human consciousness and sexual liberation. 


I've been a practicing Holistic sex therapist for the past eight years in London and studied Tantra for most of my life.
I am trained in Oriental Medicine, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine and Energy sound healing. Meiji College in London.

I have recently become a certified Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator with Jevon Dangeli *

Trauma release breathwork facilitator with Beta lisboa **

But mostly what I have learned from the experience of the last 9 years working with people has taught me more than I could ever learn in any course.

I continue to seek and learn every day, deal with my own pains and fears layer after layer I am peeling away all of my own insecurities.

As I travel the path of the wounded Healer I am given the gifts to nurture empower and heal others. 

To be of service to all seekers, the wanderers is my greatest fulfilment. 

I am here to serve humankind,

we all deserve to be and feel Loved

 Nobody is superior or inferior,

No teacher is higher than the student. 

I believe we are all here to serve and teach each other in our own special way. 

I do not consider myself to be a so-called Goddess

Nor do I like to label my self as a

Multi-dimensional Lightworker or a Tantric Teacher

I am forever evolving 

and so is everyone else if they will it to be.


We all have the same access to this unlimited potential. 

I prefer to regard myself as an Intuitive Healer specializing in Love relationships and emotional trauma.


I do feel blessed to possess a fine mind and wisdom beyond my years since I am a child I know I am a healer. 

I now feel ready to share my gifts to empower you. 

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Amanda Santos

Your Intuitive Healer

UK: +44 7522976377 (Available on Whatsapp) PT: +351 938555569 (available imessage/Facetime)